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Every minute, thousands of people all over the world lose their lives or the lives of their loved ones to hypertension after wasting their hard-earned money on drugs and medications that only suppress instead of completely treat the ailment. 

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My name is Tolulope, A Biochemist And Natural Wellness Consultant.

Let me start by saying when you go through the natural process of taking care of your health, you will be in better condition than you have ever imagined rather than taking all those drugs that you have been using for years without permanent solution.

For instance, there was a patient of mine who was suffering from chronic High Blood Pressure whom after following my prescriptions and recommendations experienced lower blood pressure and bade Hypertention a final farewell, his hands were not shaking again and he since then enjoys a permanently stable blood flow…

Informations they say is powerful, life is simply a matter of laying one’s hands on the right information hence know exactly the natural process of overcoming  (HBP) or Hypertention that I will be revealing to you shortly… use of organic Natural Supplement blend which deals directly with the issue is the best bet for you.

However, while dealing with Hypertention you have to be very careful, as you do not want to bring down your blood pressure level too low as it can also cause a bad effect on your body.

This is to tell you and show you how powerful using the various natural remedy plans you will be learning about inside my report which you are about to access right this instant. 


Cardio Power Capsule


Green World’s Cardio Power Capsule has proven to be one of the most outstanding High BP combating supplements you can find around. Made from the most sophisticated ingredients, the cardio power capsule has a reputation for attacking high blood pressure to the very roots and then begins to work its way around lowering and eventually curing its effects completely.

If you’ve been battling with hypertension, high blood lipids and high blood viscosity or you at least know someone who has, the solution lies in this power capsule…

Here’s why? The capsule contains certain potent substances including the Radix SalviaeMiltiorrhizae ExtractumRadix Notoginseng ExtractumFlos Carthami Extractum and Bornedeumamong others which are discovered to reduce to the barest minimum blood lipids and blood viscosity while also preventing platelet aggregation and reducing atherosclerosis. Added to these, the World Brand Cardio Power Capsule improves blood-oxygen supply and increases coronary blood flow while at the same time reducing the resistance of proximal blood vessel and improving blood deficiency.

For people with Angina Pectoris, Myocardial Ischemia and other life threatening coronary heart diseases, you’ll find these capsules very functional.

First because they dilate the arteries that supply blood to the brain and the heart thereby increasing coronary blood flow and improving blood supply.

Then, they also dilate the coronary artery which is used for the alleviation symptoms of Angina Pectoris.

One essential part of your body make-up that benefits a great deal from the Cardio Power Capsule is your blood vessels.

The Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae Extractum present in each capsule is so powerful that by simply enlarging the coronary arteries, it can perform a myriad of healing functions some of which includes…

  • Increasing blood flows,
  • Improving cardiac output,
  • Decreasing Myocardinal Oxygen Consumption,
  • Blood Platelet aggregation,
  • Preventing Trombosis,
  • Lowering Blood and Plasma Viscosity and
  • Reducing cholesterol all at the same time.

Amazing! Isn’t it?

As if that is not enough, the Cardio Power Capsule prevents damaging of the heart muscle and memory loss which is often caused by cerebral circulatory disorders and it is popular for the treatment of several coronary malfunctions including sclerosis, hyperliponema and dizziness.

Lecithiin Capsule


Lecithin Soft gel is another High Blood Pressure combatting natural extracts unleashed by Green World Int’l. There are quite a number of healing benefits attributed to the product some of which includes…

  • The possibility that the gel can amazingly act as a brain care food
  • A cardovascular protector
  • A liver enhancer and
  • A keystone for healthy cell membranes

Studies have proven that the more Lecithin content in the body, the stronger the metabolismimmunityrenewable ability and the overall body health.

Considered a keystone for building healthy cell membranes, Lecithin helps the body to construct new cells while strongly providing protection for existing cells. This it does in order to monitor and maintain the body’s resistance to many diseases that attack damaged cells.

When the cells are healthy, the body can function properly! Green World’s exclusive Lecithin has a special effect on intelligence creation and strong memory and is recommended by experts as the brain care food. After being absorbed by the small intestine,

Lecithin can hydrolyze gall bladder alkaline with blood entering into the brain and it effectively combines with acetic acid to form neurotransmitters.

This ease of transportation and circulation by the Lecithin supplement in turn helps to prevent blood clots and maintain the health of the liver. The lubrication provided by the Lecithin gel creates a slipping lining that makes it difficult for large fatty deposits to adhere making the gel highly recommended for individuals with heart diseaseshigh blood lipidsacute liver disorders and other cardiovascular or cerebro-vascular infections.

The regular application of the Gel (according to prescription of course) protects the liver and enhances its function by accelerating the renewal of the liver cellspreventing chronic liver infections such as Hepatic Cirrhosis and improving the liver functions.

Made from the all-natural Soybean Lecithin, the Soft gel combines strengthening the liver cells with aiding the treatment of type 2 diabetes by lowering blood lipids through transforming LDL to HDL. 3.

There you have it, the all-time permanent solution to High Blood Pressure that has been hidden for ages, now you have it at your fingertips at an affordable price...

Absolutely, apart from the fact that these are approved by NAFDAC itself, They have also been approved by various health agencies around the world including the Koshal Seal which is the highest form of approval in the world that any product can have.

Here's The Good News... When you combine GREEN WORLD'S

Cardio Power Capsule with Lecithin Soft Gel


You May Be Wondering What’s The cost Implication for These AMAZING Combination…The Regular Price is 

50,000naira 26,500naira
  • No extra charges
  • Payment on delivery
  • 2 in 1 combination + bonus detoxifying tea (Sachets)

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