Confession From a Former Glaucoma, Cataract and Myopia Patient…


You are About To Discover How To Get The Remedy I Used To Cure Glaucoma and Cataract.

… This same solution has helped to improved my blurred vision and myopia (shortsightedness) and even the night blindness I used to experience is totally gone.


You might have heard and seen so many stories and predicament of so many people who has bought and used so many  eye products advertised online with No or little result,.Before i introduce you to this No side Effect Natural herbal Solution  that has already helped me and ov­er 230 Men and Women See clearly and better like an Eagle without eye glasses or eye drops,After spending so much fortune on eye products that hardly works  , then you need to read this page to the end to see how I and 230 others used this natural remedy to improve our eyesights naturally and how you can get yours too.

 Dear Friend,

  • ​What if you could throw Your Glasses and eye drops away PERMANENTLY By the Time You Finish Reading This Page?
  • ​Imagine what your life would be like without the frustration of stumbling around the rest of your life anytime you’re without your glasses or using eye drops…
  • ​Wouldn’t you just love it, if you could see well again without glasses or using eye drops and spend your hard-earned money on better things?

Over 500 people have used this remedy to:

  1. Improve Their Eye Health.
  2. Improve the Clarity of Their Vision.
  3. Protect Their Vision Against Glaucoma, Cataracts, and Macular Degeneration.
  4. Cure Glaucoma, Cataract and Myopia Permamently.

My Name is Daniel Adegboyega, I’m one of those unlucky individuals who was born with weaker eyesight.

My story, ordeal, trials, errors and eventual breakthrough to eye problem have inspired and already helped me and over 230 Men and Women See clearly and better without wearing eye glasses and using eye drops.

​I am a Health Researcher and Activist. I started wearing glasses when I was 16 years old.

At the time I had no idea I would one day discover a natural solution to improve my eyesight and be able to throw my glasses in the dustbin.

​I will never forget the day I walked into the opticians with high hopes that I would be given a pair of glasses that would somehow ‘cure’ me.

​My hopes were shattered when the optician – a tall bearded man wearing thick glasses, looked at me and told me I would have to wear glasses for the rest of my life. And the worst of it was yet to come. Year by year my vision got worse. I had to go back for a thicker pair of glasses every year.

​By age 26 my vision was so bad I was virtually blind without my glasses.

​Life improved at first when medical eye glasses (lenses) came along. But being forgetful as I am, I would too often leave my glasses on and fall asleep.

The irritation in my eyes the next morning would be unbearable. 

​It wasn’t long before I got fed up of constantly having dry and itchy eyes, so in the end I decided I was better off wearing glasses.

 ​Finally, found a Solution While on a trip to United State and I Decided to Give the Product a Try…

Back in 2013, a friend and I went on a trip to Nebraska, United State. That’s where I met and fell in love with my wife, Joy… I met Joy through a friend at the hotel we were staying in Nebraska. Joy and I arranged to meet for lunch at a boat.

​While going to see joy, I had an accident. 

​A word of advice – don’t ever try to avoid a car in Nebraska. The roads in downtown Nebraska are crazy. The cars will swerve and avoid YOU.

When I tried to avoid a car by running sideways, it hit me. My glasses went flying and I lost them.

​It didn’t help that I was alone. Thankfully I was unhurt, or at least I hadn’t broken any bones. And I managed to find a helpful USA man to walk me to the nearest optician’s.

 ​Unfortunately the optometrist didn’t speak much English. But he was very helpful. He examined my eyes and gave me a prescription for a new pair of glasses.

He explained to me in USA that I would have to go to another optician’s to pick up my spectacles. I suppose he didn’t stock the thick lenses I needed at his small practice.

 ​I had no idea how I was going to make it to the other optician’s, because my eyesight was so poor without my glasses.

The optician knew this too, and I didn’t expect he would help me. But I was wrong. He called in an English-speaking assistant. A tall woman wearing a headscarf.

She gave me a natural product. I couldn’t believe what happened afterwards… barely, within 20days of taking the supplement.

My eyesight improved to the point where I could just make my way round without any help and without wearing glasses

​My eyesight improved considerably after 20 days of taking the natural remedy. As soon as I came back home to Nigeria,

I had to be conscious of taking my eyesight wellness supplement without missing a dose. Before my experience in USA I hadn’t even thought it was possible to improve my eyesight without using glasses.

When I started to take the supplement as prescribed, my eyesight improved so much I was able to throw away my glasses in just a few weeks.

​My optometrist — who wears glasses himself — couldn’t believe it, and he still refuses to believe that I improved my eyesight naturally.


​So, I Decided to Contact the company to buy in bulk to sell In Bulk and Help Others.

I had a discussion with the company production manager who’s in USA about how the Natural Supplement can be gotten to Nigeria as i will really love to introduce it to my friends and whoever i know that has been under the bondage of the glasses.

​So far, I have learned that my remedy I used and that has worked for so many others work on the following conditions:

  • Cataracts – cataract is a clouding of the lens in the eye that affects vision. Most cataracts are related to aging. Cataracts are very common in older people. By age 80, more than half have a cataract or have had cataract surgery.

  • Myopia – Nearsightedness, or myopia, as it is medically termed, is a vision condition in which close objects are seen clearly, but objects farther away appear blurred. Nearsightedness occurs if the eyeball is too long or the cornea, the clear front cover of the eye, has too much curvature. As a result, the light entering the eye isn’t focused correctly and distant objects look blurred.

  • Glaucoma – is a condition that causes damage to your eye’s optic nerve and gets worse over time. It’s often associated with a buildup of pressure inside the eye. Glaucoma tends to be inherited and may not show up until later in life. The increased pressure, called intraocular pressure, can damage the optic nerve, which transmits images to the brain. If damage to the optic nerve from high eye pressure continues, glaucoma will cause permanent loss of vision. Without treatment, glaucoma can cause total permanent blindness within a few years.

  • Diabetic Retinopathy – Diabetic retinopathy is the most common diabetic eye disease and a leading cause of blindness in American adults. It is caused by changes in the blood vessels of the retina. In some people with diabetic retinopathy, blood vessels may swell and leak fluid. In other people, abnormal new blood vessels grow on the surface of the retina. The retina is the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye. A healthy retina is necessary for good vision. If you have diabetic retinopathy, at first you may not notice changes to your vision. But over time, diabetic retinopathy can get worse and cause vision loss. Diabetic retinopathy usually affects both eyes.

  • Hyperopia
  • Lazy Eye (Amblyopia)
  • Macular Degeneration
  • Astigmatism
  • Presbyopia (Old-Age Sight)
  • Dyslexia

  • Cross-Eye (Strabismus)
  • Eye strain
  • Light Sensitivity
  • Poor Night Vision
  • “Old-age Sight” (presbyopia)
  • Tension Headache

​If you are suffering from any of the above eye conditions, then you would benefit from what I have to show you.

Whether you are wearing glasses already or your eyesight is getting worse and you think you may need glasses in the future…

​I have since gone on to ‘cure’ both my parents and my brother of their short-sightedness.

​Here’s The Natural Remedy to Improve Eyesight Naturally I’m Talking About.


Green World ​Eye care soft gel


​Eye care soft gel is a good supplement for eye.

            Eye Care Softgel: Ingredients: Blueberry Anthocyanin,Gingko bilobaExtract,Phytoxanthin.


Characteristics And Benefit:
-Provides the eyes with all the nutrients needed and improves blood circulation of the eyes.
-Maintains health status of capillary blood vessels,relieves strain,pain and dryness of eyes.
-Protects the lentis,prevents and improves the condition of eye disorders such as the failing vision,senile glaucoma,cataract,presbyopia,hemorrhage of the retina,pseudomyopia,myopia,diabetic retinopathy,retinitis pigmentosa and night blindness etc.
-Improves eyesight and increases visual acuity.

Tens of Thousands Of People Have Corrected Their Vision Naturally With This Product. And I haven’t heard from a single person who tried this product, and didn’t see improvements. Because it just works

And also helps to;

  • Maintain optical clarity
  • Prevent ocular toxicity
  • Improve and increases visual acuity
  • Improve blood circulation of the eye
  • Nourishes the eye with all useful nutrient
  • Improve blurred vision
  • Cure glaucoma, cataract and night blindness

Key Knowledge:
Blueberry extract is the most effective eye care subtance which is of small molecule and easy to be absorbed by human body.
Gingko Biloba Extract is a kind of plant extract with high medicinal value.Gingko biloba is an ancient tree species that dates back to the Jurassic Period of over 200 million and 5 thousand years ago when it had been one of the most exuberant plants in our planet.The flavonoids in gingko biloba can slow down or relieve some pathological changes in the retina.
 Phytoxanthin plays an important role in the protection of macula retinae.the deficiency of macula retinae.The phytoxanthin cause the degeneration of macula and blurred vision,which will further lead to other symptoms such as deterioration of eyesight and near-sightness etc.The main physiological function of phytoxanthin is to counteract oxidation and protect eyes from the damage of strong light.

Quanity: 100 softgel capsule

PLEASE NOTE: This product is not sold in any Store and this product is far different from any other one you might see elsewhere on the internet (THIS IS THE ORIGINAL GREENWORLD EYE CARE).  THIS PARTICULAR ONE IS FROM UNITED STATE (USA). DO NOT COMPARE THIS WITH THE FAKE ONES OUT THERE. OUR PRODUCT IS DIRECTLY FROM THE COMPANY THAT PRODUCES IT. Some of this product are Fake and are being sold at a cheaper price. Do yourself good today. Do not be deceived by cheaper price. 


See Real Life Testimonies from individuals that have used This Remedy…


Testimony 1: “Hello, I have started using the GREENWORLD EYE CARE product around a month ago and went to do an eye test just this morning. My optician really couldn’t believe it! He was so surprised with my improvement that he said that he never saw anything like it. (Not without surgery at least!) I gave him your website address and he said that he is going to check it out and try it himself. Thank you for making this available to us!” Donatus from Enugu.

Testimony 2: “Hi, would it be fine if we published this breakthrough on our website? We have still got so many skeptics and options telling me that it’s not possible to improve one’s vision, but hey, who cares, because my parents, wife and I have been using this product successfully and this proves that your Green world eyecare product actually works! We will get there, as more and more people are improving their vision and talking about it. Thank you.” Uba Wisdom from Owerri.

Testimony 3: “Hi! I want to give a personal testimonial and highly recommend your Vision Capsules product for anyone that wants to improve their vision. I have been suffering from short-sightness since a very young age. I was considering laser surgery but it’s expensive and dangerous. Fortunately, after giving a try to this modest product, my vision improved to a degree that I hardly need to wear Spectacle anymore” Ifeoma from Abia State.

Are These Approved And Legal To Use?


​Now, I know you can’t wait to lay your hands on this GUARANTEED solutions…

​And it’s Up to you to grab it today or risk never getting this amazing solution forever. As I don’t plan to import more of this package due to the High rate of dollars, so I’m sorry for you if you leave this page without placing your order


​Here is How to Get GREENWORLD EYE CARE that I and many others used…



​60 Tablets – 2tabs daily

(1 Bottle) = 15000 Naira

Here Is The Deal

Buy The 2 or 3 Months Plan And Get MORE DISCOUNTS



​120 Tablets – 2tabs daily

​(2 Bottles) = 25,000 Naira

Instead of N30,000


180 Tablets – 2tabs daily

(Bottles) = 33,500 Naira

Instead of N45,000

​100 PERCENT SAFE, NO SIDE EFFECT… AND GIVES A LASTING RESULT. AND because you are getting this, we are giving out some sachets of our general body detoxifying tea as gift for the first 50 customers


As you can see above, if we are to calculate the normal cost of the 1 Month Treatment (1 Bottle) the 2 months treatment and the 3 month treatment, the cost is more than the discount price. That’s not a big money for those who know what it means to have been going through this. I can recall i spent over N49, 500 on a product that didn’t give me desired result.

​This definitely gives result! You will only have to pay;

  • 1 Month Treatment (1 Bottle) = N15,000
  • Months Treatment (2 Bottles) = N25,000
  • Months Treatment (3 Bottles) = N33,500


​So, for a severe eye problem e.g. Glaucoma, Cataract and someone that has done Lasik eye surgery yet still experience eye pains and other complications etc… The recommended treatment for that is the 3 months treatment package for a total cure.

​Delivery is FREE & it’s Payment on Delivery.

​Is This Approved And Legal To Use? Absolutely, Aside from the fact that this is approved by NAFDAC itself, it has also been approved by various agencies round the world including the Kosher Seal which is the highest form of approval in the world that any product can have.

​So you need to hurry, act fast, place order and get this solutions right now…

​Here’s How to Order your own greenworld Vision at a Discount Price today

​You only pay when the product has been brought to you face to face by our courier company within 3– 5 working days after placing your order. WE CALL These, FREE DELIVERY AND YOU PAY ON DELIVERY.

Send a Text Message (SMS) to 08105742196 with the below details:

  • CODE------GEC
  • Number of Bottles
  • Your Full Name
  • Your Phone Number 
  • Full Address (Home or Office, we deliver to anywhere you want)
  • Send Text Message (SMS) to this number ===> 08105742196

NOTE: Your address Must Include Local Government and State. Detailed Enough to make it traceable by our courier company .


Once we received your details to place an order through text message (SMS), and your details are correct, you will receive sms confirmation from us. Your products will then be sent to our courier service partner (the delivery company we use to deliver products).you receive it within 24 – 48 hours… and pay the dispatch person upon delivery.

For orders in Lagos, expect your item to get to you within 24 hours, once your order has been confirmed and shipped out. While for orders outside Lagos, depending on the state/city, you will receive your items within 3 – 5 working days.

What are you waiting for?

Hurry Up !!!!

Contact Address: Adenekan oluwafunmilayo street, Ajao estate, Canoe Bustop, Airport Road, Lagos

 For Further Enquiries....08105742196 

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